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PEP 361 – Python 2.6 and 3.0 Release Schedule

Python 2.6 and 3.0 Release Schedule
Neal Norwitz, Barry Warsaw
2.6, 3.0



This document describes the development and release schedule for Python 2.6 and 3.0. The schedule primarily concerns itself with PEP-sized items. Small features may be added up to and including the first beta release. Bugs may be fixed until the final release.

There will be at least two alpha releases, two beta releases, and one release candidate. The releases are planned for October 2008.

Python 2.6 is not only the next advancement in the Python 2 series, it is also a transitional release, helping developers begin to prepare their code for Python 3.0. As such, many features are being backported from Python 3.0 to 2.6. Thus, it makes sense to release both versions in at the same time. The precedence for this was set with the Python 1.6 and 2.0 release.

Until rc, we will be releasing Python 2.6 and 3.0 in lockstep, on a monthly release cycle. The releases will happen on the first Wednesday of every month through the beta testing cycle. Because Python 2.6 is ready sooner, and because we have outside deadlines we’d like to meet, we’ve decided to split the rc releases. Thus Python 2.6 final is currently planned to come out two weeks before Python 3.0 final.

Release Manager and Crew

  • 2.6/3.0 Release Manager: Barry Warsaw
  • Windows installers: Martin v. Loewis
  • Mac installers: Ronald Oussoren
  • Documentation: Georg Brandl
  • RPMs: Sean Reifschneider

Release Lifespan

Python 3.0 is no longer being maintained for any purpose.

Python 2.6.9 is the final security-only source-only maintenance release of the Python 2.6 series. With its release on October 29, 2013, all official support for Python 2.6 has ended. Python 2.6 is no longer being maintained for any purpose.

Release Schedule

  • Feb 29 2008: Python 2.6a1 and 3.0a3 are released
  • Apr 02 2008: Python 2.6a2 and 3.0a4 are released
  • May 08 2008: Python 2.6a3 and 3.0a5 are released
  • Jun 18 2008: Python 2.6b1 and 3.0b1 are released
  • Jul 17 2008: Python 2.6b2 and 3.0b2 are released
  • Aug 20 2008: Python 2.6b3 and 3.0b3 are released
  • Sep 12 2008: Python 2.6rc1 is released
  • Sep 17 2008: Python 2.6rc2 and 3.0rc1 released
  • Oct 01 2008: Python 2.6 final released
  • Nov 06 2008: Python 3.0rc2 released
  • Nov 21 2008: Python 3.0rc3 released
  • Dec 03 2008: Python 3.0 final released
  • Dec 04 2008: Python 2.6.1 final released
  • Apr 14 2009: Python 2.6.2 final released
  • Oct 02 2009: Python 2.6.3 final released
  • Oct 25 2009: Python 2.6.4 final released
  • Mar 19 2010: Python 2.6.5 final released
  • Aug 24 2010: Python 2.6.6 final released
  • Jun 03 2011: Python 2.6.7 final released (security-only)
  • Apr 10 2012: Python 2.6.8 final released (security-only)
  • Oct 29 2013: Python 2.6.9 final released (security-only)

Completed features for 3.0

See PEP 3000 and PEP 3100 for details on the Python 3.0 project.

Completed features for 2.6


  • PEP 352: Raising a string exception now triggers a TypeError. Attempting to catch a string exception raises DeprecationWarning. BaseException.message has been deprecated.
  • PEP 358: The “bytes” Object
  • PEP 366: Main module explicit relative imports
  • PEP 370: Per user site-packages directory
  • PEP 3112: Bytes literals in Python 3000
  • PEP 3127: Integer Literal Support and Syntax
  • PEP 371: Addition of the multiprocessing package

New modules in the standard library:

  • json
  • new enhanced turtle module
  • ast

Deprecated modules and functions in the standard library:

  • buildtools
  • cfmfile
  • commands.getstatus()
  • macostools.touched()
  • md5
  • MimeWriter
  • mimify
  • popen2, os.popen[234]()
  • posixfile
  • sets
  • sha

Modules removed from the standard library:

  • gopherlib
  • rgbimg
  • macfs

Warnings for features removed in Py3k:

  • builtins: apply, callable, coerce, dict.has_key, execfile, reduce, reload
  • backticks and <>
  • float args to xrange
  • coerce and all its friends
  • comparing by default comparison
  • {}.has_key()
  • file.xreadlines
  • softspace removal for print() function
  • removal of modules because of PEP 4/PEP 3100/PEP 3108

Other major features:

  • with/as will be keywords
  • a __dir__() special method to control dir() was added [1]
  • AtheOS support stopped.
  • warnings module implemented in C
  • compile() takes an AST and can convert to byte code

Possible features for 2.6

New features should be implemented prior to alpha2, particularly any C modifications or behavioral changes. New features must be implemented prior to beta1 or will require Release Manager approval.

The following PEPs are being worked on for inclusion in 2.6: None.

Each non-trivial feature listed here that is not a PEP must be discussed on python-dev. Other enhancements include:

  • distutils replacement (requires a PEP)

New modules in the standard library:

PJE’s withdrawal from 2.5 for inclusion in 2.6:

Modules to gain a DeprecationWarning (as specified for Python 2.6 or through negligence):

  • rfc822
  • mimetools
  • multifile
  • compiler package (or a Py3K warning instead?)
  • Convert Parser/*.c to use the C warnings module rather than printf
  • Add warnings for Py3k features removed:
    • __getslice__/__setslice__/__delslice__
    • float args to PyArgs_ParseTuple
    • __cmp__?
    • other comparison changes?
    • int division?
    • All PendingDeprecationWarnings (e.g. exceptions)
    • using zip() result as a list
    • the exec statement (use function syntax)
    • function attributes that start with func_* (should use __*__)
    • the L suffix for long literals
    • renaming of __nonzero__ to __bool__
    • multiple inheritance with classic classes? (MRO might change)
    • properties and classic classes? (instance attrs shadow property)
  • use __bool__ method if available and there’s no __nonzero__
  • Check the various bits of code in Demo/ and Tools/ all still work, update or remove the ones that don’t.
  • All modules in Modules/ should be updated to be ssize_t clean.
  • All of Python (including Modules/) should compile cleanly with g++
  • Start removing deprecated features and generally moving towards Py3k
  • Replace all old style tests (operate on import) with unittest or docttest
  • Add tests for all untested modules
  • Document undocumented modules/features
  • bdist_deb in distutils package
  • bdist_egg in distutils package
  • pure python pgen module (Owner: Guido) Deferral to 2.6:
  • Remove the fpectl module?

Deferred until 2.7


Open issues

How should import warnings be handled?


Adding a __dir__() magic method


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